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professional windsurfer

CHIEMSEE Photoshoot '15 '16
CHIEMSEE Photoshoot '15 '16

Since 2014 Max is part of the Chiemsee spring/summer collection photoshoot.

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WITU - Vancouver Island
WITU - Vancouver Island

Phil Soltysiak and Max Matissek discover windsurfing spots on Vancouver Island, Canada. Read the full story in your local windsurfing magazine. (Almost every country with a windsurfing magazine published it ;-) )

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Kid? Never Give up your Dream.
Kid? Never Give up your Dream.

Max supports the organization "Kid? Never give up your dream." You are invited to learn more about the organization and to join donating here

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Art Vernissage: Worldcup Podersdorf
Art Vernissage: Worldcup Podersdorf

Max is an ambitious painter. In 2015 his first exhibition took place at the Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf.

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Max Matissek & Friends Party
Max Matissek & Friends Party

Since 2014 the invitational "Max Matissek & Friends Party" takes place in Tonis Martinskeller/Podersdorf. Almost no pictures ever got taken, but a lot of stories get told! More stories will be made in 2016. For moreinfo check out

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Indoor Windsurf Worldcup Warsaw
Indoor Windsurf Worldcup Warsaw

In 2014 one of the most unbelievable events in windsurfing history took place in Poland’s National Football Stadium in Warsaw: The PWA Indoor Windsurfing Worldcup.. Many turbines blew hurricane winds over a huge pool in the middle of the soccer field. Max finished 4th in front of 30.000 spectators in the stadium.

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WITU - Poland
WITU - Poland

In the second WITU edition Canadian Phil Soltysiak and Max went on a adventurous roadtrip through Poland. The boys discovered both new and famous windsurfvspots in the land of vodka. The story got published in most windsurf magazines around the globe.

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Hart am Wind - ORF Documentary
Hart am Wind - ORF Documentary

2012 Martin Ganster and Austria’s national TV channel ORF produced a documentary about the passionate watersport scene of Lake Neusiedl. With the Worldcup preparations of local boy Max Matissek as the leading storyline. The 30min documentary was broadcasted on ORF1.

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Generali - TV&Print Ad
Generali - TV&Print Ad

The insurance company Generali produced an advertisement campaign with Max. It included several print ads and a 30sec TV spot for most Austrian/German channels.

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The aimed photo for TW1
Early Morning
True Wind Artwork 1
The aimed photo for TW1
Flying over the Red Bull Ramp
Concrete Cutback below ground
Foggy Wien Kanal Speicher
Happy in 7 degree cold Wien Kanal

TRUE WIND is a new windsurf and art project series where Max Matissek combines both of his passions: windsurfing and art. It's about creating extreme windsurf pictures at physically impossible places.


The goal of every TRUE WIND Project is to photograph a snapshot of Max' fantasy and to create a surrealistic mixed media piece of art with plenty of contrasts in different aspects.


The first of the series was created in the "Wien Kanal Speicher Simmering"  - a huge underground rainwater reservoir below Vienna.

The second picture got realized "over the rooftops of Vienna" in a 25m short pool on top of the infamous "Alt Erlaa" buildings.


No Handed Flaka - Guadeloupe
One Eye - Mauritius
Summer in Podersdorf
Mysty Underground - Vienna
Portrait at Chiemsee FS16 Guadeloupe
Kono at Rietvlei/South Africa
Chiemsee FS15 - Mauritius
Diving with dolphins/Mauritius
Backie at KFC/Capetown
OH Shaka - Bonaire
Shaka - Brandvlei / South Africa
Skopu at Chiemsee FS15 - Mauritius
Bottom Turn in One Eye/Mauritius
Checking fish - Guadeloupe
Shaka - Le Moule/Guadeloupe
Underground Vienna Spray - 2015
Tropical storm - CSFS16 - Guadeloupe
One Handed Burner - Brandvlei - SA









1st Austrian Championships Podersdorf

3th Chiemsee TOW IN Qualifier Championships Surfworldcup Podersdorf

25th PWA Worldtour Fuerteventura

32nd PWA Overall World Ranking

33rd PWA Worldtour Podersdorf

33rd PWA Worldtour Sylt


6th Chiemsee TOW IN Championships Surfworldcup Podersdorf
28th PWA Fuerteventura Grand Slam

39th PWA Overall World Ranking


17th Overall PWA Worldtour Freestyle
4th PWA Indoor Worldchampionships Poland/Warsaw – Freestyle
5th EFPT European Tow In Championships Podersdorf
18th PWA World Tour Bonaire
17th PWA World Tour Sylt


22nd Overall PWA Worldtour Freestyle
17th PWA Worlcup Sylt
1st Austrian Nationals TOW-IN
3rd EFPT Tow In Dam7 Worldcup Brouwersdam
17th PWA Dam7 Worldcup Brouwersdam
25th PWA Worldcup Fuerteventura
9th EFPT Tow In Podersdorf Surfworldcup
17th PWA Podersdorf Surfworldcup


1st EFPT Red Bull TOW IN – King of the Wind/Weymouth UK
1st Austrian Championships TOW IN
6th EFPT 3style Cup Sigri/Lesbos – Greece
6th EFPT Chiemsee European TOW IN Championships/SWC Podersdorf
9th EFPT King of the Wind/ Weymouth UK
13th EFPT Six Fours / European Funboard Expression
17th PWA Podersdorf Surfworldcup
17th PWA Sylt – Reno Windsurf Worldcup
28th Overall PWA Worldtour Freestyle


1st Austrian Freestyle Tour Overall
1st Austrian Freestyle TourOverall Tow-In
1st AFT (3rd tourstopp) Neusiedler See Podersdorf
1st Austrian Championships TOW IN Podersdorf
1st- Surfmagazin TOW IN Sessions QUALIFIER SWC Podersdorf
6th Surfmagazin TOW IN Sessions FINALS SWC Podersdorf
1st AFT Krumpendorf am Wörthersee TOW IN
1st AFT (2nd tourstopp)  Balaton/Balatonlelle/HUN
1st AFT (1st tourstopp)  Neusiedlersee/Podersdorf/AUT



more proj

prod. Videos

TRUE WIND - Wien Kanal Speicher Simmering

Making of the first True Wind Picture underground Vienna

Camera: Manu Grafenauer

Cut: Manu Grafenauer

Produced by: MMW/NINE&ONE/Enjoy the Soup


Max' Imaginary Aqua Playground

Camera: Manu Grafenauer

Cut: MMW

Produced by: MMW/Enjoy the Soup


a windsurfers definition of freedom

Camera: Rick Jendrusch, Ruben van der Sluijs, MMW

Cut: MMW

Produced by: MMW

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Shooting of the Summer '16 Collection on Guadeloupe

Camera&Cut: Manu Grafenauer

Produced by: Chiemsee/Enjoy the Soup

CHIEMSEE - Summer 2015

Shooting of the Summer '15 Collection on Mauritius

Camera&Cut: Manu Grafenauer

Produced by: Chiemsee/Enjoy the Soup

FANATIC - From Capetown with Love

The international Wave- and Freestyle Team during their winter training

Camera&Cut: Manu Grafenauer

Produced by: Fanatic/Enjoy the Soup

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